It all started like this......
In 1963 with my wife, Jani, and our 11 month old son, Marty, I moved from
Chelan, WA to Yakima, WA where I went to work for Boise Cascade Lumber Mill.

In 1970, a contractor friend asked me if I was interested in helping him and his
partner drawing a house plan. At that time plans consisted of only 3 sheets, a foundation, a floor plan and elevations. I found that I really enjoyed the work
so I enrolled in a correspondence course for Architectural Drafting. It greatly 
assisted me in my steadily growing unofficial business of "helping out" my
contractor friends.

In high school, Marty was learning to draft and had an impressive aptitude for
it. He went off to college and paid his way through by drafting architectural
plans. As plans were completed, the Greyhound Bus became the way to ship the
plans back and forth in one day and always knowing the departure and arrival
times was very helpful. In 1986, after Marty graduated from college he and I
became partners, which worked very well for us.
By 1990, we were bursting at the seams in our cramped home office. Buisness
was booming so we took the big step of renting a "real" office. I was still working
at Boise Cascade but with six employees now working for Western Building Desgin,
it became apparent to me that this is where I wanted to put all my engery. As
retirement came for me in 2005, I handed the reigns over to Marty who continues
 to serve as owner and principle designer. I remain extremely proud of my work at Western Building Design and the work that continues there today.

-Lee Schoolcraft
About Us
WESTERN BUILDING DESIGN, LLC  -  1015 S. 40th Avenue, Ste 14 -  YAKIMA, WA  -  98908
Lee & Jani Schoolcraft
Marty & Susan Schoolcraft
And then......

Marty Schoolcraft has been designing homes since the 1980's,  officially taking over the business in 2006.  Marty carries on the tradition of listening to what the customer wants in a home and balancing their dreams with their budget. Marty is assisted by Tom Jameson who specializes in commercial drafting and Lynette Wilson who is office manager and support staff.
-Marty & team